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Design Services

As a full service custom design-build outfit, we work with you from the very beginning of your project. Every house is a one-of-a-kind design based on your input, designed to fit your lot, lifestyle, and budget needs. 


We also offer standalone design services, should you desire to build on your own or if you already have a specific builder in mind.

First Meeting:
We make it easy to set up our first meeting, which is free of charge, by offering online booking which shows all our available meeting times. Of course, you’re always welcome to call or email us to set up a meeting as well. We have a large, comfortable, conference room where we will discuss your project requirements and details. These include any specific needs you may have, absolute must-haves, would-be-nices, and views or property features you'd like to take advantage of. We will also discuss the advanced building techniques and materials that we employ and how to best implement them into your project, increasing durability and efficiency, while meeting budget constraints. Any and all photos, sketches, and plan ideas are welcome and encouraged to convey the concepts you wish to include in your dream home design. We will also be happy to answer any questions you might have. Cost is always an important topic, and we can discuss ballpark figures and how certain items might affect the cost to build. If you aren't quite ready to move forward on a design, but would like a detailed estimate, we can do the leg work in putting together a thorough cost estimate based on all available information for a nominal fee. If it all sounds good, and you decide to hire us to put together plans, we will begin the design process.

Design Process:
This phase will involve us creating floor plans, elevations, and a 3D model of your project based on the input we received during the first meeting. We will then provide copies of the preliminary plans for you to review and meet to do a 3D walk-through of the design, where we can discuss revisions to be made. If we are operating under a design-build contract, we will also provide you updated construction estimates through the design process. Once we’ve made the necessary revisions, and you are satisfied with the plans, we do the necessary work to have the plans engineered and made permit ready. When all the paperwork is done, if we have a contract to build, we submit for a permit. If you plan to build yourself, we provide permit submittal assistance as well.


Curious about the building process? Click here for more information!

Modern Mountain Retreat 3D Walk-through
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